Pain and Inflamation

Many individuals experience recurring or continual pain for three months or even more and have thought it would go away on its own. They have tried home remedies, physical therapy and perhaps prescribed medications. Getting to the root of your problem can be a big frustration for you. Our practice has been geared for many years to help people with chronic pain.  We find that the underlying source of the problem is inflammation. This inflammation may not originate where the current symptom is located.  Part of our examination may be an attempt to find the source of inflammation.  We can evaluate foods you may be unknowingly allergic or sensitive to.  Also, an imbalance of friendly and unfriendly microbes in one’s gut frequently will refer pain to the lower back.  The need to detoxify the liver may be necessary.  We may recommend specific nutrients so the body can make enough mature white blood cells for the immune system to be able to attack the inflammation.  We carry a large selection of pharmaceutical  grade nutrients.  Inflammation is a protective response by the body and sometime it just goes amuck.  Addressing the underlying source of inflammation frequently starts the process of healing in the area of chronic pain-ending the pain cycle.