Patient Stories

I met Dr. Meyers in 1977 when I was afflicted with an impinged nerve in my lower back. I was miserable from the extreme pain, and he began treating me. After a few visits, I began to feel better, and soon had no pain at all. To say I was grateful was an understatement. In 1995, I suffered a neck injury which resulted in unbearable nerve pain, with eventual tingling and numbness down my left arm and into my hand. As before, I sought out Dr. Meyers for help, and like years ago, he made me feel well once again. In January of 2016, I reinjured my neck and had horrible nerve pain in my left shoulder and arm. This time it took a bit longer to heal, but thanks to the knowledge and kindness of Dr. Meyers, I feel great again! I know many people who are taking pain meds, getting injections, and having surgery for the same afflictions I have suffered. I am tremendously grateful to know this man, and for what he has done for me over the years. He is an A rate doctor, and I highly recommended his services to anyone in pain. Jim Fox (5/5)

I can't talk highly enough about Dr. Myers. I would still be dealing with migraines daily if it wasn't for taking time to go see him. I have lived with migraines for more than half of my life. The supplements and adjustments has made he has made has improved my life 99%. I can't thank them enough for his work! Jessica Yeats (5/5)

I've been seeing Dr. Myers for over 12 years. When I was in high school, over 30 years ago, I injured my back in a fall and since then have been in chiropractic care. I've seen many different chiropractors during the laast 30 years and can say, without a doubt, Dr. Myers is the BEST! His depth of knowledge of kinesiology, nutrition and chiropractic techniques are what's kept me from having to undergo back surgery. He's even worked on my knee, elbow and sinus issues. His staff is so very much fun, always pleassnt and helpful. I can't imagine going anywhere else for back care. Thanks, Dr. Myers for all your good care throught the years! Cheryl Wooten (5/5)

once or twice a month. That 1st appointment was 35 years ago and I still see Dr. Myers at least once a month and sometimes more if necessary. I strongly recommend Dr. Myers to anyone in pain and would advise chiropractic care before seeking pain management. (5/5) Kandace Hannon

I've been coming to Dr. Myers for over 10 years and I see him once a month for maintenance checkups. I was at the point where it was very hard to walk without pain or even to sit because of lower back pain and I have arthritis there. I trusted him and recommend him to anyone. His been a miracle to me! I can't thank him and his wonderful staff enough. Julie Deal (5/5)

HOPELESS… So many doctors and so much money spent on allergy, asthma, hot flashes and depression medicine. I'm still feeling sick. I haven't been outside enjoying spring and summer in years. Now being told I don't even have allergies or asthma and my hot flashes can't be treated. Where to go… I need a new medical direction. I need a cure not continue treatment for elusive symptoms. Who knew a chiropractor had the answers! Dr. Myers of Chiropractic Associates had them. I needed vitamins, plus the benefits of herbal remedies and good old homeopathic strategies. I'm enjoying ourside activities, no more hot flashes and just started Couch to 5 K exercise program. I'm a new woman on a path to a better life and you can be to. Not hopeless anymore but HOPEFUL. Nancy Steele (5/5)

All my life I have had aches and pain in my legs and arms. After just a couple of visits my pain went away. The supplements I added into my diet increased my energy level. I recommend Dr. Myers to everyone I meet with pain because he has made a huge difference in the quality of my life.

Ken Baur

After spending a year in steel brace for severe back and leg sciatica pain, dependent upon muscle relaxants and narcotic pain meds, my husband suggested I consult Dr. Myers who he knew had successfully treated some of his steel mill coworkers and or their family members. So I send my prayers and made my first appointment! 30 years later I'm still and his capable care. As a matter of fact some years ago my husband was diagnosed with a very rare spinal tumor and under the care of the renowned Loyola University orthopedic neurosurgeon in Chicago and my husband convinced me to have an MRI and consultation with this specialist to assess my situation and current condition. When the results came back this specialist surgeons comment was “Lady, while your husband's tumor was one of the rare surgical operations I've done, your spinal problems are worse than his." What have you been doing to cope with all these years? I told him I have a very good chiropractor, massage therapy on occasion, meds when truly needed and held my job as a unit secretary in the labor and delivery department of the nearby hospital for many years. He was amazed and directed me to continue on as I've been doing. Obviously, your chiropractor knows what he’s doing." And, many years later that still holds true. I'm 74, still going strong on my own with Dr. Myers expert care. He's more than my chiropractor is my friend and my answer to my prayers from so long ago.
JoAnn VanDyke

I was a referral from someone whose daughter was helped considerably by Dr Myers when he diagnosed a food intolerance. I suffer form gluten intolerance but despite having given up gluten, I was still having issues. If, no matter how hard you try or how many doctors you have seen, you still don't feel right or well, Dr. Myers can help you see ways to get better that you may not have considered previously. Personally, I feel almost anyone would benefit by seeing him. Seeing him has given me a new lease on life.
Lee Bowman

I used to think that I needed a new bed. I went to sleep every night feeling tired but physically fine, but I woke up every morning sore to the point where I didn't want to move. I had a friend from church who told me about Dr. Myers and how he could help me with his use of kinesiology and the use of chiropractic. Dr. Myers told me that I have (a sensitivity to) nightshades and with proper diet I could get rid of my pain. Thanks to Dr. Myers I am virtually pain frree. I would recommend this program to anyone with any kind of pain. Do yourself a favor and try it.
Scott O

I came to Dr. Myers for lower back pain. Dr. Myers is a very caring person, and a wonderful doctor. My back pain is under control and Dr. Myers will keep it that way.
Sue S

I had soreness in my shoulders & back. For approximatly 1 year I had soreness due to a displaced rib. I had no idea that a rib could cause my problem. Dr. Myers solved my problem.
Jeff M

I began seeing Dr. Myers because I had vertigo. He helped me so much I continued to come in for other things. He helped my when I had a sore shoulder and knee. Now everything is great. The most important thing I would want others to know about Dr. Myers is how caring & concerned he is always about me. He also remembers things about my personal life unlike other doctors.
Beth D

I have always had back & neck pain. Dr. Myers always takes care of my aches & pains and makes me feel like a new person when I leave his office.
Robert W

Originally I saught treatment for a sports-related injury. Now, I see him to maintain my health and vitality, while assisting my body to perform at its highest level. Dr. Myers is a great doctor who can help you feel better and improve the quality of your life in a real, immediate and practical way.
James V

He is a wonderful doctor who has helped me greatly.
Janet K

I had pain in my right shoulder which was controlled by steroid injections and pain in my lower back and right sacroiliac joint. There is only one statement to describe him; He is the very best. I have seen a number of chiropractors with only temporary relief. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Myers I no longer have had a need for a steroid shot in my shoulder and my back has never been stronger. He is insightful; his manipulations are gentle and long lasting. I'm thankful to be a patient.
Marcia R

 I was referred by my wife because I had back pain. His treatment is caring, consistent and thoughtful. His methods of adjustment are not harsh or painful.
John T

I had severe pain in my lower back and a friend suggested I see Dr. Myers. When you tell him there is something wrong, he doesn't stop looking until he finds the answer. He is very caring and supportive. He wants to help you feel better. He always explains what he is going to do first. He is wonderful.
Bonnie Z

I had severe pain in my lower back. I couldn't walk, sit or lay down without pain. I had swelling in my joints. I've seen specialists, had shots in my back, was on steroids, pain pills and muscle relaxers. Nothing worked. This went on for over a year. Dr. Myers listened to what I had to say! He treated my back and had me pain-free in a short time. NO other docter could do this. He also solved my swelling problem that I had for over 40 years. He is GREAT!
Greg A